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Dallas J. Moore

Dallas J. Moore an Introduction

I heard the term straight edge when I was in college. In high school, I had invested a lot of time and energy listening to and learning about punk music. I loved everything about their anti-establishm...

Sex & The Straight Edge

Firstly, I'd like to point out how damn difficult it is to talk about this subject without mentioning Mr MacKaye or THAT song but I'm going to give it a bash anyway.

Courtesy of Lindsey McGuire | Lindsey Lu Photography

Good Riddance to destructive habits: The sobriety journey of punk provocateur Russ Rankin

By Steve Wildsmith | May 18, 2020 It’s not surprising that Russ Rankin got clean and sober — after all, a lot of his peers found that doing so was a lot more preferable than the alternative,...

Being Straight Edge in the DJ & Night Life

kellysisterhoodMother, wife, small business owner.

Turning Straightedge – A Personal Choice

This year, I turn 38, making it 20 years since I chose to be drug & alcohol-free. So that means I was only 18 when I made this choice – at this young age I wasn’t exactly a seasoned drinker, but 2...

too much drinking

How I Found Activism Through Claiming Edge

My sobriety has been like getting to know a friend of a friend. You know the one, you go out with a close friend, and they bring someone who's name you've seen on Facebook. You know their face and som...

Ian Mackaye

Nardwuar Interviews Ian Mackaye

Mackaye and Nardwuar chat about the history of DC’s hardcore punk music scene and the impact Corona virus has had on the DIY record label, Dischord Records kellysisterhoodMother, wife, small business ...

Gel NJ Hardcore Photo: Carl Gunhouse

12 Newer Hardcore Bands to Check Out in 2020

By Carlos Ramirez | @MusicQuizKing | 1.2.2020 Towards the end of each year, I [ Carlos Ramirez ]start putting my mind to work by compiling a list of some of the...

types of straight edge kids

The Truth About sXe?

What is the truth about sxe? From the Punk Rock MBA ” The Truth About Straight Edge”, a short conversation that tries to break down Straight Edge kids into four distinct groups. Are you a ...

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