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Some girls participate in cheerleading while other girls attend sororities. Some girls go shopping while other girls work. Some girls sing while other girls scream. Brandi Pillow is a prime example of a girl who decided to steer away from the normal. She is a powerful screamer in a band called Adrienne. Based out of Virginia, this band is up and coming. Recently, they are touring with bands such as Gwen Stacey, Our Last Night, Vanna, and In Fear and Faith. I had the opportunity to interview Brandi about different issues when it comes to being the only girl in a band.

So, you are in a band called Adrienne. Did you form the band or were you asked to join? 
I didn’t form the band they were a band called the 3am break up plan before I joined. I was on tour and they played the show we were at and later on I was asked to audition.

Have you always wanted to sing or was it just a spur of the moment kind of thing?
I’m originally a drummer but always wanted to do vocals.

I see that you are going on tour soon. Is this your first time touring?
This isn’t my first time touring. I’ve gone touring with bands such as My Hero is Me, Farewell to Freeway, Vanna, Knives Exchanging Hands and others.

What kind of challenges do you think this will bring, being the only girl in the band? Well girls tend to take charge of things and that’s what I tend to do, sometimes not on purpose but I have had tour experience and I own my own booking company CTC Booking.

Does it feel like you have more support from the male community being a female screamer?

If so, how?
Mainly because there really isn’t a lot of girls screamers and there defiantly isn’t a band like mine with a girl vocalist

Is it harder to get respect from your own band members because your female?
No not at all. We are all bros/broskinis.

Do you, yourself, actually have any favorite bands with female vocalists?
I like Walls of Jericho and Paramore even though when people ask me what we sound like they always ask, “do u guys sound like I Wrestled a Bear Once” or “Walls of Jericho.”

What advice would you give to women out there that want to pursue a career in the music business?
Make sure you know what you are getting into before hand. Make sure you have a lot of time and dedication.

Is there anyone, in particular, that supported you in your decision? Like a family member or friend?
No, doing the band thing, and joining a band was a self made decision. The family thinks being a band is a waste of time and I should be going to college but college is not for everyone.

If you would like to listen to Brandi and/or get in contact with her, check out her bands MySpace:

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