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Pinky: “Gee Brain, what are we gonna do tonight?”
Brain: “The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world!”

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  • kellysisterhood posted an update in the group Group logo of xshx contributorsxshx contributors 1 year ago

    Hello! Hello! What is everyone working on? I’m working on nailing down some of the technical details to make the site run smoothly. I also have a piece in the works about who I am, how xsisterhoodx began, and where I hope things will go. Post here to let me know what you have going so that I can make some plans! Thank you!

    • Just submitted something. Different to what I messaged you about. I sat down to write that, but this came out.. Who knows where thoughts come from.. they just appear! Haha. Still will write the other piece though!
      • I’m sorry for commenting to this so late! I’ve been moving from country to another and it’s been busy times for me. I’m really hoping to contribute somehow. I mainly do photography (travel/urban and metal concert photography). Perhaps there’s something from these topics I would be able to produce content from?