Girl, Straight Edge, and Italian Born.

Next year will be my 10th straight edge birthday; I was born and currently living in Italy.

A lot of people, especially from the US, asked me about the Italian situation with the COVID-19; and after the emergency, someone is obviously curious about the straight edge scene situation, concert, and festival current status in Italy. Well, there is not so much to say, we just don’t have a real straight edge scene for so many years … but let’s start from the ebginning of my personal experience.

I turned straight edge almost 10 years ago now; I already was involved in punk/hardcore/vegan/DIY/underground culture of my town (Rome) from when I was a teen; so I basically always knew what straight edge means; just at a certain point of my life I met some people that change my mind and I decided that straight it was my point of view.

For the first two years, my life didn’t change a lot, for sure 10 years ago we had a so much fervent scene here in Italy; so I just continued to spend my time in the same places with the same friends; not all were straight edge but totally sxe friendly.

After two years the situation started to be not enough for me; so I decided to move to Sweden.

At that point I was so involved in many extraordinary things; the straight edge organization of Stockholm, the straight edge gay community (it was only 2013), the new idea of ​​totally free sex completely different from the American point of view on the third X and I was used to it, a straight edge concert every week and the animal rights movement.

Came back in Italy it was a big shock for me! First of all, I discovered that not all the straight edge people are vegan, so shocked from that! 

So I start to search for personal space in this new life; where being a girl is just one more complicated thing and probably I never felt really involved in this Italian community as I felt in Sweden.

I think there are really few straight edge girls in Italy, and I also think that we all know each other in a virtual way; thanks for social media, but we probably live in different cities and we don’t have a real web that connects us; ( if you are from Italy please feel free to contact me). Some times a concert is not a real inclusive scene; because we still have a big “machismo” trouble (we are in Italy after all), and second we don’t have straight edge only concert; I think that the last one where I have been in Rome it was in 2014 maybe…

So in conclusion; for the answer to your curiosity; of course the COVID has a big impact on the scene; all the place for concerts are now close and we have to wait a lot for sure for have some more initiative, but it was almost the same situation before all this mess!

Hope the things will go better, and I’m just so thankful to all the people that continue to do something and organize and bring bands in this complicated land!



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