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Drunk BMX
Drunk BMX

Written by: Amy

When I was a kid I thought it was the coolest thing in the world to be straight edge. Ten years ago I was running around with all my friends with sharpie X’s on my hands, saying witty things like “if your not now, you never were.” I had the patches, homemade of course, and even that wickedly awesome Straight Edge shirt that resembled the Snapple logo. I was stylin’. I was in your face. I was just about the only member of my group of friends that wasn’t using drugs.

I had tried to fit in with like-minded, creative and good-looking individuals such as myself, but it was awkward. For a while, I assumed Jesus and Straight Edge went hand in hand. I went to a youth group meeting or two, tried to get to know the man, but we could never see eye to eye. I felt at home with my twelve-year-old pot-smoking friends. I loved them dearly, and at times, desperately tried to convert them to a clean lifestyle. Never worked. Shit was occasionally talked behind my back, but hey, I survived my youth somewhat damage free.

When I hit high school there was this movement of sorts, one I not-so-fondly refer to as the “Bike Phenomenon.” Around 1999 these group of kids hit the scene with their flashy bikes and new wave attitudes. They became the big Straight Edge group in school, and they happened to commandeer one of my favorite parking lots in the Chicago land area.

The BMX crowd in all their glory were real grade-A assholes. They would pull all these pop-a-wheelie tricks in the parking lot and as one would walk into their favorite restaurant they would hurl obvious sentiments and insults such as “Hey. You’re ugly,” or my personal favorite, “Hey. You’re a dyke.” They did super cool statement-making stunts such as pooping in the Taco Bell urinals. Gnarly and hardcore, at least so they thought. Plus, they were all pretty much man whores, and at that moment in my Straight Edge youth, I was into the abstinence aspect. Man, I hated those fuckers, and as I write this, I realize I kind of still do. Also, as a little side note: I’ve done a bit of myspace spying and have found that nearly all of them still hang out and have beer binging parties. Glad to see the movement stuck, fella’s.

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