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Bluejay: A Eulogy

Jay was a good friend when he was sober. We spent many days together exploring the woods and canals of Northern Delaware. At night, we’d listen to music and philosophize, debating and laughing. But Ja...

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kellysisterhoodMother, wife, small business owner. www.justbuttons.org

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kellysisterhoodMother, wife, small business owner. www.justbuttons.org


kellysisterhoodMother, wife, small business owner. www.justbuttons.org


College VS Straight Edge

Written by Bailee Ah, college. The time in many young adults life to move away from mom and dad and experience the ‘real world’ Three years ago, I was presented with the greatest opportunity of my lif...

I am a woman, and I am a feminist.

Written by Anonymous I have a feeling this may end up being very long. Please bear with me. Typically in our society males are thought to be the aggressors. When thinking of domestic violence and abus...


Cutting Former Straight Edgers a Break

Written by Jake My name is Jake and I’m one of the many aging former straight edge hardcore dudes on the internets. I got into hardcore in the mid ’80s and was quite active in the Southern C...

Get Active!

Written by J. Brese Thoughts on community organizing, feminism, and why it is important for women to stand up and fight (back).by J. Brese “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community...

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Can Straight Edge Exist Without The Music?

Written by Zoe “The vast majority of hardcore and straight edge kids now are really cool, really open-minded and really open to other kinds of music. It’s amazing. We meet kids, straight edge kids, wh...

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