Straight Edge Videos

sXe – A short documentary about Salt Lake City Straight Edge (1999)

A documentary short by Alex Beckstead. "sXe" screened at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. 1998 Utah Short Film and Video Festival. This 18 minute short portrays a brief insight to the vegan straight e...

ABC News 20/20 Straight Edge 1996

ABC News 20/20 Straight Edge 1996 "You can be cool and not do drugs too, ya know?"

MTV Smashed- Segment on Straight Edge

More 90's straight edge coverage- If anyone has the full video- please send it!

Straight edge & Hardcore culture in Finland

A Film by Elias Kaus & Christian Pirskanen “X” is a short film of Hardcore culture and straight edge lifestyle. Film main character Tommi Hämäläinen share he's own experiences and stories of being par...

Straight Edge Worldwide: How to be straight edge

How To Be Straight Edge

So you've heard about Straight Edge, and you think it might be right for you. You think you know what's involved with being Straight Edge - just "don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs", right?

Straight Edge Geraldo

Inside Straight Edge (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC)

The film documents the 90s straight edge scene, showing different sides of the controversial movement. The film was narrated by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore