Refugees welcome!

My experience as a volunteer during the so-called “refugee crisis”  It all began at the end of 2014 as a friend, who was the student representative in that year, and I decided to collect and dona...


Sober Motherhood

I live in a town filled with nice places to drink. Wine bars, cocktails clubs, gastro pubs, bars with club nights and DJ’s…any way you take your drink, you can find the environment to suit you. I have...

jasmine rice

Meet Haley (Deconstructinghours) sxe/xvx

Being Straight Edge is something I very rarely admit to. Not because I’m ashamed or in some kind of denial – but because people don’t really get what it means. It’s easier just tell people that ...

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Solidarity in Sisterhood

Sisterhood in Hardcore - What does that mean? What should it mean? And why does it even matter? Personally, I think the need for us as a collective group identifying as women to look at our own behavi...

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Recipe: Guacamole Veggie Burgers with Fresh Fries

a fresh, healthier alternative to a classic meal. This recipe is vegan as long as your choice of bread/burger are as well, and you can always add your favorite vegan cheese.

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

North Street Strength’s tips and tricks to kickstart your new gym obsession This year is going to be better than any that came before. This year is going to be the big one, the one that blows al...

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A Prescription for Judgment

Priorities of abstinence may differ for each of us. There are those that believe vegetarian/vegan diets should be a staple of an edge lifestyle, while others feel promiscuous sex need not be a part ...

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Supporting Young People in the sXe Community

I had just gotten three x’s tattooed on my back. I started calling myself straight edge at 16, I got the idea to get a tattoo at 19. I was less than pleased that my commitment was being treated as a...