Turning Straightedge – A Personal Choice

This year, I turn 38, making it 20 years since I chose to be drug & alcohol-free. So that means I was only 18 when I made this choice – at this young age I wasn’t exactly a seasoned drinker, but 2...

woman laying down- not feeling it

Is This Really Me? – Understanding Your Own Mental Health

I have always been a massive advocate for saying what you think or feel. The problem is I will give everyone the advice but never take it myself. For the last two years I have been an emergency call ...

PMA during a crisis – how to stay posi & not lose your mind

Trigger Warning: This article mentions grief and loss. We’re all locked in, we’re all at home. How are you dealing with it? Some of us are becoming incredibly productive, some are discovering skills h...

too much drinking

How I Found Activism Through Claiming Edge

My sobriety has been like getting to know a friend of a friend. You know the one, you go out with a close friend, and they bring someone who's name you've seen on Facebook. You know their face and som...


Refugees welcome!

My experience as a volunteer during the so-called “refugee crisis”  It all began at the end of 2014 as a friend, who was the student representative in that year, and I decided to collect and dona...


Sober Motherhood

I live in a town filled with nice places to drink. Wine bars, cocktails clubs, gastro pubs, bars with club nights and DJ’s…any way you take your drink, you can find the environment to suit you. I have...

jasmine rice

Meet Haley (Deconstructinghours) sxe/xvx

Being Straight Edge is something I very rarely admit to. Not because I’m ashamed or in some kind of denial – but because people don’t really get what it means. It’s easier just tell people that ...

Woman crowd surfing

Solidarity in Sisterhood

Sisterhood in Hardcore - What does that mean? What should it mean? And why does it even matter? Personally, I think the need for us as a collective group identifying as women to look at our own behavi...

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