About xsisterhoodx

What is xsisterhoodx?

xsisterhoodx is a community and zine devoted to the ladies of straight edge and/or hardcore. We feature reviews, articles, interviews, commentary, giveaways and more. Our community is fueled by personal profiles, a messaging system, message boards. personal stories, reviews, interviews, editorial
xsisterhoodx strives to be a positive force in a scene divided. Our goal is to create balance and eliminate the biases which exist in today’s global scene. As a community, we encourage and support positive discussion and involvement without the negativity and posturing often found on the web. We stand against violence and elitism and do not tolerate bigotry, racism, trolling, misogyny, sexism, or discrimination in any form.

xsisterhoodx mission

xsisterhoodx is about forging connections. It’s about creating a positive dialog and making people aware that their views and way of life are shared by many, and that they are not alone. Too few hardcore/straight edge sites/communities empower females let alone accept them as equals.

We have voices. Whether you have been involved with the scene for two decades or two months. You are welcome here.

History of xsisterhoodx

xsisterhoodx began as a discussion email list in the mid-nineties. Everyday girls from around the world would interact with each other via email. It wasn’t long until we needed a better way to connect. The first xsisterhoodx was built using a free website builder. It featured poetry, artwork, and lists of girls’ names, where they were located and their email addresses. In the late nineties, the creator of xsisterhoodx decided it was time for her to move on. I was really interested in building websites and graphic design. It seemed like a great fit. I worked on getting hosting for xsisterhoodx ( I was a teenager and broke) and learned how to build a website. I continued to run xsisterhoodx all through college and well into my late-twenties. In 2011 the site was hacked. The damaged was extensive and I didn’t have the time or resources to bring it back up. I took it down fully intending to bring it back. Fast forward to 2019. We’re back! I’m older, I have my resources and I am fully committed to making xsisterhoodx everything I ever hoped it could be.