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war on women

War On Women Announce New Album ‘Wonderful Hell’: Listen To The Title Track

A lot has happened since War On Women burst out of Baltimore’s activist community in 2010 as an unapologetically intersectional feminist hardcore punk band. In their early days, even some of their peers found their politics “extreme” but in the years since, feminism has undeniably gone mainstream, a...


RedBait Confirm Upcoming Full Length Record

NEW AGE RECORDS: August 26, 2020 A message from the band… Yes, we are still working on an LP! We have a dozen new songs written, but they need some polish...Read More

Year of the Knife


WORDS : LUCA CESCON Discovered Magazine -23/06/2020 Is Delaware the new mecca of hardcore music? According to the discography of bands like Simulakra,...Read More

No Echo Interview: Eva Hall Power Alone

Power Alone Vocalist Eva Hall on Their Debut LP, Its Raw Lyrics + ‘90s Hardcore InfluenceBy Carlos Ramirez | @MusicQuizKing | 4.21.2020 Released earlier this ye...Read More

Power Alone


WORDS: LUCA CESCON By Discovered Magazine -02/11/2020 While looking for some new music to start listening to, there’s a specific area of the World that will sur...Read More

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Straight Edge News

Outbreak guitarist stopped an attempted baby abduction in NYC

From the Brooklyn Vegan I Amanda Hatfield 11.18.2020 Brian Kemsley, guitarist of the now-defunct New England hardcore band Outbreak, and, more recently, NYC-based Muay Thai champion, stopped an attempted baby abduction in progress at NYC’s Madison Square Park, NY Daily News reports. On Novembe...

Hold Your Ground Podcast: Episode One Curt Eichelberger (Skate Straight)

Curt from Skate Straight is the guest in the first episode of Hold Your Ground. They talk about his Skate Straight Collective and Skate Straight Talk and how they help people fight their addiction, ke...Read More


By Becton Simpson -23/01/2020 Youth of Today, Project X, Judge, Shelter, even Limp Bizkit, Sammy Siegler has played the drums for them all and then some more. He’s been one of the ...Read More

True Fight

15 Straight Edge Demos You Might Have Missed This Year

This time around I missed my deadline to write a piece for this year’s Edge Day by a full week. Despite this, my edge is as strong as ever and I’m still finding solace in a subculture based around per...Read More

$5 gigs, not $10m deals: the story of US punk label Dischord Records

Fugazi Minor Threat Dischord Records Ian Mackaye

Help Support Funeral Expenses for Skylar

FROM BANE: Our beautiful amazing friend Skylar is losing her battle with cancer. The doctors are giving her a very short time to live and we are here as part of her extended family to try and take som...Read More

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xsisterhoodx is a community and zine devoted to the ladies of straight edge and/or hardcore. We feature reviews, articles, interviews, commentary, giveaways and more. Our community is fueled by personal profiles, a messaging system, message boards. personal stories, reviews, interviews, editorial
xsisterhoodx strives to be a positive force in a scene divided. Our goal is to create balance and eliminate the biases which exist in today’s global scene. As a community, we encourage and support positive discussion and involvement without the negativity and posturing often found on the web. We stand against violence and elitism and do not tolerate bigotry, racism, trolling, misogyny, sexism, or discrimination in any form.

xsisterhoodx mission

xsisterhoodx is about forging connections. It’s about creating a positive dialog and making people aware that their views and way of life are shared by many, and that they are not alone. Too few hardcore/straight edge sites/communities empower females let alone accept them as equals.

We have voices. Whether you have been involved with the scene for two decades or two months. You are welcome here.

Sexism sucks! It didn’t end in the 80’s And hardcore still needs another song for the ladies – Girlfriends are great, please don’t get me wrong But it’s time to put down that coat and come sing along Because I can’t hear your voice from the back of the crowd Move to the front, and shout it out loud Keep your eyes on the prize, you know what I mean If we can’t change the world, then let’s change the scene– good clean fun