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Scene Report: France- The Beginning of a New Era!

The hardcore French scene is now ramping up. Maybe the scourge of health crisis created a particular craze? Paradoxically, gigs and meetings around music have diminished severely. These last two years were surely an opportunity for hardcore fans to reconnect with the state of mind that reigned in th...

straight edge discord

Join Our xshx straightedge DISCORD

A few months back we created a discord server to discuss all things related to straight edge and sisterhood.  I’d love to meet and talk with all of you! C...Read More


Podcast: Rebecca from RedBait on Nothing Better To Do

amazing Rebecca from St Louis hardcore band Redbait.

Boundless Hardcore

Going To My First Local Hardcore Show In Years Showed Me How Much The Scene Has Changed

As someone who grew up in the prime hardcore punk resurgence era and then promptly entered mosh retirement, walking into a hardcore gig a few weeks back was blo...Read More


No Echo Interviews: Entry Vocalist Sara G. on Her Musical Roots, Starting the Band + Their Superb Debut LP

Entry is a Los Angeles-based band that brings together elements of D-beat, modern hardcore, and power violence, resulting in a potent formula. They last appeare...Read More

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No Echo: Redwoods: Influenced by ‘90s Screamo, SoCal Band Issues Debut EP (PREMIERE)

By No Echo | @noechonet | 4.16.2020 Formed in 2019, Redwoods is a Southern California-based band made up of vocalist Veronika Reinert, guitarists Randall Avilez and Adrian Ayala, and drummer Brandon Brunt. The catalyst that brought the quartet together is their mutual love for bands like&n...

Ian-MacKaye- Straight Edge

How Ian MacKaye found freedom as a straight-edge pioneer

Published on Happy on April 16, 2021 For Ian MacKaye, punk is not a medium for expressing nihilism, or simply partying. Instead, it’s always been a forum where bold ideas are exhibited to the world. A...Read More


NOAH Interview: Straight Edge with Porcell

I became Straight Edge when I was 16. And yes that’s true. It’s just the way our culture works. It’s super materialistic and encourages things that would drive a person downward instead of upwards. It...Read More

Outbreak guitarist stopped an attempted baby abduction in NYC

From the Brooklyn Vegan I Amanda Hatfield 11.18.2020 Brian Kemsley, guitarist of the now-defunct New England hardcore band Outbreak, and, more recently, NYC-based Muay Thai champion, stopped an attemp...Read More


By Becton Simpson -23/01/2020 Youth of Today, Project X, Judge, Shelter, even Limp Bizkit, Sammy Siegler has played the drums for them all and then some more. He’s been one of the ...Read More

True Fight

15 Straight Edge Demos You Might Have Missed This Year

This time around I missed my deadline to write a piece for this year’s Edge Day by a full week. Despite this, my edge is as strong as ever and I’m still finding solace in a subculture based around per...Read More


What is xsisterhoodx?

xsisterhoodx is a community and zine devoted to the ladies of straight edge and/or hardcore. We feature reviews, articles, interviews, commentary, giveaways and more. Our community is fueled by personal profiles, a messaging system, message boards. personal stories, reviews, interviews, editorial
xsisterhoodx strives to be a positive force in a scene divided. Our goal is to create balance and eliminate the biases which exist in today’s global scene. As a community, we encourage and support positive discussion and involvement without the negativity and posturing often found on the web. We stand against violence and elitism and do not tolerate bigotry, racism, trolling, misogyny, sexism, or discrimination in any form.

xsisterhoodx mission

xsisterhoodx is about forging connections. It’s about creating a positive dialog and making people aware that their views and way of life are shared by many, and that they are not alone. Too few hardcore/straight edge sites/communities empower females let alone accept them as equals.

We have voices. Whether you have been involved with the scene for two decades or two months. You are welcome here.

Sexism sucks! It didn’t end in the 80’s And hardcore still needs another song for the ladies – Girlfriends are great, please don’t get me wrong But it’s time to put down that coat and come sing along Because I can’t hear your voice from the back of the crowd Move to the front, and shout it out loud Keep your eyes on the prize, you know what I mean If we can’t change the world, then let’s change the scene– good clean fun